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Fur as cultural heritage:

The Sami take advantage of nature’s material

Fur is so much more than just a material. For the Sami, Europe’s only indigenous people, fur is about history, identity and making a living from animal husbandry.


Sustain­ability is about understand­able communi­cations and traceable processes

After five months in the role of Saga Furs’ CEO, Markus Gotthardt looks back at what’s been and what the future holds for the brand. Aside from getting familiarized with his team, the board and the industry, Markus has also attended his first online and live auctions. Looking back, he can conclude that it’s been some busy months.


Brian Balaam’s auctioneering at Saga Furs kicked off


What’s Up at Saga Furs?

In September, after two years of online auctions, Saga Furs was finally able to arrange a live auction in Vantaa, Finland.

Ms Chen Jingyi, the founder of the IZUO brand
What's going on?

Keep up to date with the help of our event calendar – fur related events, auctions, and happenings from around the world.

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Fur Vision 2023 inspires the fashion industry

Since the year 2000, Saga Furs has hosted a series of Fur Vision events around the world to bring fur inspiration to designers, manufacturers, and students. This year was no exception: the events kicked off in Milan in September with inspiring conversations around fur, techniques, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Presenting Fur Cities:

“God, I miss New York!”

For a reason, New York is the place of so many films, songs and quotes. From Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, they all sing about the same city and every time we hear these songs, we get goosebumps.


“Our future is bright.”

After an extensive career in various industries, Mike Brown joins the fur industry as the IFF CEO of the Americas Region. After some rough years for the fur industry dealing with the consequence of the covid situation and the war in Ukraine, Mike believes the only way is up from here. Still, there is a lot to be done in terms of voicing the truths about the fur industry to the general public.

An important part of the chain:

From fish to fur

At first glance, the magical sunset seen from the deck of a fishing boat may seem far away from everyday life on a fur farm. However, both being part of the chain of producers in the fur industry, they have plenty in common.


Sustainability as a link between industries

Finland is one of the most important fishing nations by the Baltic Sea. The majority of Finland's commercial fishing catch is herring and sprat. They are caught by trawlers on the open sea and in the archipelago and with traps and nets along the coastal area.


Certification from a farmer’s perspective

Within the fur industry, everyone seems to be in agreement – certification is key to a high-quality product and a transparent production process. Since 2020, the auction houses only sell certified fur. But what does this mean for the fur farmers?


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Facts and daily life – fur farming on social media

Saga Furs’ Business Director Julio Suarez Christensen sits down to discuss a few important topics within the fur industry together with fur farmer Sari Koskinen. They talk about conveying the right message to stakeholders, as the fur industry is going through a strained period.


Energy production using solar panels on shelters


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