What is Saga Voices?

Facts and information from the fur industry.
Engaging interviews with people in the trade.
A comprehensive event calendar,
… and a lot more!

Saga Voices is an international e-magazine published by fur auction house Saga Furs, based in Vantaa, Finland. The main target group is fur producers, but the magazine aims to offer content that is relevant for anyone who works in or is interested in the fur industry.

The magazine includes industry highlights, videos, dialogues, an event calendar, and various stories serving its reader with both facts and lighter content, with fur as a common denominator. It is published three times a year, in February, June and October, following the rhythm of fur production.

Saga Voices aims to be a transparent vehicle for communication in the business of fur, where people are free to voice their opinions – also the opinions that differ from Saga Furs’ own standpoints. The magazine is freely accessible, and anybody is welcome to read it.

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