Presenting Fur Cities:

“God, I miss New York!”

New York – how do you describe it in short? A place where dreams come true? Where anything is possible? A city that never sleeps? For a reason, New York is the place of so many films, songs and quotes. From Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, they all sing about the same city and every time we hear these songs, we get goosebumps. Growing up watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York and Sex and the City later over so many years, no wonder that New York has so special meaning even for those who live on the other side of the Atlantic.

New York also has deep roots in the fur business. In fact, the fur industry is one of the oldest industries in New York City, dating back to the 1600s and early 1700s! According to FurNYC, a trade group, more than 150 small businesses still operate in New York City, creating 1,100 jobs and producing $850 million in revenue per year. This comes through the sale of fur clothing, including outerwear, fur-covered accessories, fur-trimmed clothing, and ancillary services such as cleaning and storage. These fur companies were once started by the new immigrants believing in their dreams and passing their knowledge from one generation to another.

Going back to the Sex and the City tv-series, which is somewhat the epitome of the City of New York, we can easily recall some of the iconic looks, including fur captured on the streets of New York. Especially one vintage coat that Sarah Jessica Parker wore so many times over the years with everything from dresses to pajamas on a New Year’s Eve. Another memorable moment that included fur was in Sex and the City The Movie – at Bryant Park during New York Fashion Week, where anti-fur protestors stage a protest and throw red paint on Samantha’s pure white fur coat. While the other ladies are in shock, Samantha just breathes in and says: “God, I miss New York!”.

While anti-fur protestors have been around also in New York for quite some time, in 2019, there was still a discussion about banning fur sale in New York. According to FurNYC and based on a 2019 economic impact study, a fur ban in New York City would have devastating consequences for the historic fur industry, which still employs thousands of working and middle-class New Yorkers, and also for the city’s entire fashion economy – harming international brands, department stores and major retailers.

New York has always been the place for making dreams come true – also for designers and artists. It is still the fashion capital of the world, and after the pandemic, it has been estimated that the New York fashion scene would be the first one to recover. When it comes to the fur business, New York fashion week in 2022 still showed far more fur on the catwalk than any other European fashion capital. Fur is still seen on fashion people, artists, and sportsmen. And thanks to the cold winters, on so many city inhabitants. When it comes to New York City, which is constantly changing and never sleeping, it’s probably not necessary to give any tips on what to see and where to eat. But we would still like to suggest a few places where a fur coat might be useful, especially if you are planning your trip to New York during winter months!

Ice Skating at The Rink at Rockefeller Center

At the heart of Rockefeller Center lies The Rink, which was for the first time available to the public on Christmas Day in 1936. Since then, The Rink has become an iconic symbol of the city that never sleeps. And it is the most popular during the holiday season when you can see the Christmas tree and the lights. The Rink has hosted thousands of marriage proposals and played a role in countless movie productions. The best time to go is early morning or two hours before the closing time, and as for skates, you can rent them or bring your own.

Jazz clubs in New York

The Village Vanguard is considered the oldest operating jazz club in New York City. The club was opened in 1935 by Max Gordon. Over the years, many jazz legends have performed there, such as Miles Davis.   Another place to mention is the Blue Note, which was established in New York’s Greenwich Village in 1981. The Blue Note is possibly one of the biggest and most legendary ‘brands’ in jazz. Alongside the flagship Blue Note New York, there is a portfolio of clubs in cities such as Milan, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Napa, Nagoya and Hawaii.

Enjoy Broadway

Broadway, or Broadway theatre, is widely considered the highest form of theatrical entertainment in the world. The shows are most often plays or musicals, but they can also be concerts or other special live events.
Live performances, great music and costumes are something to experience for sure, at least once in a lifetime. If you travel to New York this year, maybe you will be lucky to see Aladdin – Disney’s instant classic and a great example of stunning setwork and spectacular costumes.


Did you know?

The area, known as the fur district, is located on Manhattan. From Sixth Avenue to the east, Eighth Avenue to the west, 27th Street to the south, and 30th Street to the north, to be exact.

At its height between 1910-1986, eighty percent of the fur coats manufactured in the U.S. were manufactured in New York City’s fur district, and ninety percent of all fur processing in the U.S. was performed in New York City.

When you consider buying a fur product or even a coat, just head to the fur district. One of the larger stores is Henry Cowit Furs, located on 27th Street.

Just head to the fur district.