Launching Saga Voices

In the last couple of years, the fur industry has undergone some dramatic changes, and with these changes, many ways of communicating have disappeared. The need for a new vehicle of communication is what sparked the idea of Saga Voices, this new e-magazine from Saga Furs.

– Right now, everybody’s hungry for information, says Julio Suarez Christiansen, Business Director, Brands and International Producers, at Saga Furs. It’s more than curiosity; it’s a need that needs to be met, he explains.

Suarez Christiansen was giving a tour of Saga Furs to international guests when the topic first came up – why isn’t there an international magazine that unites the whole fur industry? The idea quickly evolved into a concept, and with the help of a dedicated editorial team at Saga Furs, led by Katja Wallenlind, Corporate Communications Manager, the fur industry can now enjoy a preview of what’s to come.

Creating a magazine that really serves the readers is a demanding task.

A pilot episode

This first issue of Saga Voices, published in June 2022, is a test volume with a limited number of articles, a basis on which improvements are made.

– Creating a magazine that really serves the readers is a demanding task that always takes time, Wallenlind explains. Now we need the input and ideas of our readers to create an ambitious e-magazine that serves our community and which we all can be happy about, she continues.

Suarez Christiansen agrees. He compares the first issue with the pilot episode of a new series.

– Our “pilot” should set the tone and show what type of content this series will have. It should create expectations for the “first episode”, which will come out in October.

More than news

Saga Furs Oyj is based in Finland, a country well-known for its top-quality fur farming standards. Operating and dealing with fur farmers worldwide, Saga Furs is nowadays the leading auction house in the industry, which puts them in a position of great responsibility.

– The industry needs leadership right now, and we want to pick up this flag. With this in mind, I think the expectations for this magazine are quite high, Suarez Christiansen contemplates.

Saga Furs already distributes newsletters to inform producers, manufacturers and buyers about current topics, and the magazine is meant to complement this with informative but also lighter reading. The main target group of Saga Voices is farmers, but the magazine aims to introduce topics relevant to the whole fur industry.

– Even though the primary target group of Saga Voices was decided to be farmers, we wish this would evolve into a forum that could unite, serve, and inspire the industry on a wider scale as well, Wallenlind says.

And why not widen the scale to reach the people outside of the “fur bubble” as well? Fur farming and the use of fur in clothing have attracted a lot of public interest in recent years, especially in Western countries. However, opinions are often emotionally charged instead of being based on facts, which is a constant challenge when working with communications in the industry.

– Saga Furs has taken a key task in openly communicating the responsibility and operating models of the industry to relevant stakeholders such as fashion houses and international media. Our belief in transparency also applies to the form of this publication. It is freely accessible, and anybody is welcome to read it, Wallenlind points out.

Our strong belief is that people are interested in people.

Open communication

This transparency is not only about who can access the magazine but also about the content.

– Though this magazine is published by Saga Furs, we don’t make it to promote ourselves, Suarez Christiansen points out. It should be informative and neutral in content.

– Where our newsletters provide facts and statements from Saga Furs as a company, this magazine should be a vehicle where people are free to voice their opinions – also the opinions that differ from Saga’s standpoints, he explains.

The voices of people in the industry is, in fact, the key feature of the magazine, which is also reflected in the chosen name – Saga Voices.

– Our strong belief is that people are interested in people. And apart from familiar names and faces, we hope to introduce people who are not so well known in the sector yet, Wallenlind states.

More to come

In addition to personal insights, the magazine will include industry highlights, videos, dialogues, an event calendar, and various stories serving its reader with both facts and lighter content. It will be published three times a year, in February, June and October, following the rhythm of fur production.

Saga Voices aims to be an internationally appreciated fur magazine that has something for everyone. If you have ideas for future editions, the editorial team at Saga Furs happily receives them at

Stay tuned for the big launch in October, and until then – happy reading!