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Fur Vision 2023 inspires the fashion industry

Since the year 2000, Saga Furs has hosted a series of Fur Vision events around the world to bring fur inspiration to designers, manufacturers, and students. This year was no exception: the events kicked off in Milan in September with inspiring conversations around fur, techniques, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Since the first-ever Fur Vision event hosted in New York in 2000, new fur samples and ideas made by Saga Furs’ creative team and furriers have been presented around the world. To present new and fresh ideas from Haute Couture to street style and to inspire the industry, Saga Furs has partnered over the years also with designers and manufacturers to bring new horizons to the collections.

The guests of this year’s Fur Vision can see and explore more than 80 different fur samples taking inspiration from nature – sea, stone, and wood – as well as from the iconic photoshoot The Great Fur Caravan published in Vogue in 1966. Still, after more than 50 years, the items featured in the photoshoot seem very much relevant. This highlights the best part about fur: it’s timeless.

Interpreting modern fur

For the 2023 collection, Saga Furs played withcolours that come from nature and with looks that are iconic. The team was also inspired to examine the classic let-out technique in tonal and block colours to show a modern approach to this traditional technique. The interpretation of this technique is visible throughout this collection with different chevron and herringbone patterns.

– As always, the new Fur Vision collection was received well, followed by insightful questions ranging from technical skills to sustainability. I have now been presenting the collection in Milan, Tokyo, and Seoul, and it has been a great opportunity to see the markets and how they view the collection. Also, it was very interesting to observe the differences between the markets, says Vittoria Tosatto, Saga Furs’ furrier and product developer.

To the first Asian locations, Tokyo and Seoul, the Saga Furs’ event attracted leading fashion companies, textile companies, manufacturers, designers, fur trade partners and fashion schools.

– We invite them to spread our knowledge on the sustainability of real fur. In addition, we introduce how Saga has supported the fashion industry by offering certified collections. We bring confidence and faith to the market, says Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Business Director, Marketing and Business Relations.

At the end of October, the tour stopped in Hong Kong and New York. In the New York event, in addition to showcasing the Fur Vision collection, Saga Furs also displayed fur accessories made by students at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), the New York staple for fashion design. Saga Furs, along with the Accessories Council and the Gorski Group, took part in judging the winners of the Eddie Reich Memorial Prize contest. The five finalists designed and manufactured their luxury pieces alongside master furriers in New York, all of whom graciously trained and guided the students into bringing their designs to life. The Fur Vision events are so much more than just showcasing fur techniques. They are also about sharing love towards fur.


Sea, stone, and wood

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