What’s Up at Saga Furs?

Ms Chen Jingyi, the founder of the IZUO brand

Ms Chen Jingyi, the founder of the IZUO brand

In September, after two years of online auctions, Saga Furs was finally able to arrange a live auction in Vantaa, Finland. The competition for mink skins in the auction room was fierce in many places, and the excitement of being able to make purchases live was tangible. 

All in all, close to 150 buyers from all the major markets were gathered for the live auction at Saga Furs. Out of the 4.5 million mink skins on offer, 4.3 million were sold, while, unfortunately, fox sales were still at an unsatisfactory level. Chinese buyers dominated most days, while Turkey and South Korea gave some support.

The value of the brokerage’s sales (123 million euros) made this the biggest September auction of all time in the company’s history of more than 80 years.

Teaming up with the high-end brand IZUO to warm up the winter

Chinese brand IZUO, the winner of the Golden Island Fox Top Lot in the September 2022 auction, is clearly confident in Saga Furs and is looking forward to cooperation. And this is not the first time, as IZUO had successfully won a Top Lot before, at the online auction in September 2021. Then IZUO launched its first collection, including fur garments, which are all made from Saga Furs pelts.

Saga Furs’ commitment to sustainable fashion is also something that IZUO will be promoting in the future. The brand believes that making good quality products and using natural materials such as real fur is the greatest respect for life.

At the moment, the brand IZUO is in a phase of rapid development, and the market is undergoing a phase of fast and enormous change, giving the brand full of possibilities. 

– We are young and brave enough to explore. We have good expectations for the future and never forget our roots. We have chosen to join the fashion industry because of our love for it, we have chosen to follow Saga Furs because we trust their dedication to high quality and sustainability, and we look forward to the warmth we will bring together this winter, says Ms Chen Jingyi, the founder of IZUO.


Saga Furs’ auction schedule 2022-2023

March auction
Inspection: 1–6 March 2023
Auction:  7–15 March 2023

June auction
Inspection: 2–7 June 2023
Auction: 8–16 June 2023

September auction
Inspection: 30 August – 4 September 2023
Auction: 5–13 September 2023

For more information, please visit sagafurs.com/auction