What's up in fur? Have a look!

What makes fur an investment?


Meet the new CEO

After more than 25 years of working with local and international companies, Markus Gotthardt brings his leadership and brand-building skills to Saga Furs. He entered the role as CEO of Saga Furs in May and now shares his thoughts on the company and the fur industry.


A promising future for fur

After a long and successful career in politics, Mark Oaten takes over as CEO of the International Fur Federation (IFF) in 2011, leading the work of promoting and regulating the fur industry. Having seen the highs and lows of the business, Mark sits down to share his thoughts on the current situation, and what to expect for the future of fur.

What's going on?

Keep up to date with the help of our event calendar – fur related events, auctions, and happenings from around the world.

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Discovering the world of fur

Saga Furs Creative Hub, previously known as Saga Furs Design Centre, is a department dedicated to the creative exploration of fur craftsmanship. Vittoria Tosatto, product developer and furrier at the Creative Hub, shares some of her experiences of working at the hub and her thoughts on why fur is such a special material.

Getting the most out of social media:

Is TikTok just dancing videos?

If you feel that TikTok is just “for kids” and not the right platform for your company, you might want to keep reading.


What’s up at Saga Furs?

Introducing Sagas’ brand-new CEO. Taking fur traceability to the next level, and brief about the 60,000 square foot grading facility located in Wisconsin.


Saga Furs’ labels ensure superior quality and sustainability

Year after year, Saga Furs receives the same question from its end consumers: where can I buy a Saga Furs coat? This shows that there is indeed a demand for sustainably produced and certified fur.


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“We have to be proud of what we do”

Saga Furs and Saga Furs Creative Hub had the pleasure of hosting guests from Van Ansem Group, a well-known player in the fur industry, growing minks in the USA and many European countries.

Presenting Fur Cities

Kastoria – a hidden gem by the lake

It is said that the people of Greece have chosen the city of Kastoria as the most beautiful place in the country. The more you read and see, the more you’ll probably agree with this sentiment. If you ever have a chance to visit this gem of a city, here are a few tips on what to do and what to see.


Strong seams between fur fashion and handicraft

What do you see when you look at a skillfully made fur garment? Every stitch, seam and knot holds knowledge and skill but also a sense of continuity. The stitch has its intended place and is immediately followed by a new stitch and then another. And so they are sewn together – the past, the present, and the future.


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